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Spiral elastic cord for children’s masks


Something that initially was an exception is turning into a common sight after weeks of state of alarm. It’s what’s known in the Anglo-Saxon world as the New Normal. A new normal that includes social distancing, constantly disinfecting your hands and the daily use of face protection (masks) with no exceptions, both for adults and children.

It’s for this last group, the younger members of the family, that LIASA proposes a solution adapted to them: we make a spiral elastic cord for children’s masks. Who says we can’t add a touch of imagination and colour to this element of protection?  The masks are an element that has come to stay, let’s at least make them fun!

LIAFLEX spiral elastic cord is comfortable, it adapts well and fastens behind the ears without causing discomfort, as it fastens round the head. Furthermore, it’s fun and different. Our elastic cord is ideal for children’s masks without pleats, with side fastenings and eyelets. 

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