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Biodegradable cord / rope

We manufacture and distribute eco-friendly, biodegradable cords and rope: in paper, recycled cotton, jute, hemp, sisal and other natural and sustainable materials.


Biodegradable cord / rope

We manufacture our braided cords and ropes for different sectors and applications such as:
Packaging and graphic arts:

Luxury paper bags | Labels | E-commerce boxes | Cardboard boxes | Food packaging | Wooden boxes | Cosmetics |Merchandising | Cardboard cases | PVC cases |Sample books/catalogues |Gift and decoration |Handicrafts
Toys | Sports | Nautical | Camping 
Fashion and footwear:
Footwear |Clothing | Fashion | Jewellery | Fashion accessories
Home and decoration: 
Home furnishings | Decoration | Air fresheners | Wardrobe air fresheners | Home textiles | Upholstery
Technical and Industrial:
Gardening | Beekeeping | Automotive
More applications: 
Available in different finishes: 
Metal hook | Injected plastic hook  | Film hook | Metal circle hook |Diagonal cut |Washer knot |Customised to measure |Knot finish |Knot label |Hot cut |Pressed cut |Decorative metal end |Coil with tube |Fusion and single knot



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