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Do you need a new pair of shoelaces? Cord-On Shop is your place


Dress shoes, sneakers, boots, sports shoes, ankle boots, moccasins... each footwear requires its care and accessories. And with Cord-On Shop, LIASA's new online store, you can choose the shoelaces that best suit your needs.

Do you have a pair of old shoes and you don't know how to bring them back to life? Do you want your new shoes to stand out? This is your place. In Cord-On you will find flat laces, round, wide, narrow, classified by type of footwear, by brand... And in all the colors you can imagine! In every product's file you will find all its specificities so you can choose the shoelaces that best fit what you are looking for.

In addition, we offer you many proposals so that you can combine your shoelaces with other accessories and show off a totally coordinated look from head to toe. You can find collections of accessories for women, men or children, as well as a large number of sets designed by our consultants and stylists. Whichever product you choose, there will always be at least one other accessory that complements it, creating a constellation of options within the same style.

With the guarantee of a centennial company like LIASA, our new e-commerce was born to offer our main product, the cord, in small quantities. Maximum quality, multiple ideas and home delivery.

Don't miss it, discover Cord-On and… Link your style!