ENDINGS cord / ribbon

For LIASA La Industrial Algodonera an ENDING is an added value and a benefit for your cord, rope, lace or ribbon. We want to place in your product an ending to improve your cord or ribbon, and it may be including treasury tags, metal hooks or other pieces in the extremities avoiding an extra manipulation and improving your proposal. Our endings are produced by our main machines and our accumulated know-how around cord world. Our goal is always discover new solutions that applied to our products, gives our customers an important added value. Our customizations want to improve the cord, elastic cord or ribbon to our customer’s manipulation so you avoid time and money. We also can offer an esthetic or application improvement too (bag packs, customized bags, blister box, special band, folded, etc.). Some of our endings are, for example, the metal hooks in each cord extremity or the injected plastic hooks, film hook, aglets, barbs, pressed ending, hot cutting, in spools by meters, with tube, in blister box, banded, hang tag knot, knotted end, … If you don’t find your ending please let us know about your needs, we will find an innovative solution for you.