Cords / Ropes / Braids

Next we present you our products list. We manufacture cords/ropes, braided cords, customized braided cords, fantasy cords, waxed cords, waterproof cords, fire resistant cord, fire retardant and waterproof cord, cords that didn’t shrink, twisted cords, rope with lead, cords with zinc, bag handles, wick for fireworks and other technical cords manufactured from our comments’ customers, we try to obtain a perfect cord to the application our customer needs. All those cords, are manufactured them with different kind of braids, diameters and references, yarns, lengths or presentations. We manufacture polypropylene and cotton cords, and they may be from 1 mm to 30 mm. We manufacture several kinds of braid: normal classic, double weave, fantasy, spiral, deluxe, retort, standard, weaving. We manufacture cords with different yarns: polypropylene cords, polyester cords, jute cords, polyamide cords, paper cords, metallized cords, sisal cords, synthetic cords, natural cords, monofilament cords. We can mixt different colours at the same cord. We can manufacture with different colours, depending on the raw material. We have our standard colours for each raw material and we can manufacture different colours based in pantone. We have also fantasy cords, we can apply different designs to all cords you need. We can customize the ending in each cord, we can manufacture it in meters and present them with spools by meters. We can also present them on pieces. When we manufacture the products in pieces or bespoke pieces, we can apply several options of endings: cold cut, cut and pressed, with film hook, with decorative metal ending, with knot, in blister, with special banding, in mallets and a lot of special endings. Depending on your cord use, you will be interested in one or other ending. We will apply the best ending to contribute good value product and help you to improve the final result. Always thinking in our customers.