Our products

We introduce you all our products. Cords/ropes, laces, braided cords, personalized braided cords, fantasy cords, waxed laces, waterproof cords, fire resistant cord, flame retardant bungee cord and waterproof cord, not shrink ropes, twisted cords, rope with lead, cords with zinc, bag handles, wick for fireworks, elastic shock cords, fire retardant elastic cords, elastic cords for handles (CELASTIC), running laces (XTENEX), shoelaces that you don’t need to tie (LIAFLEX), ribbons, personalized ribbons, elastic ribbons, personalized elastic ribbons, fire proof elastic ribbon, curtain tape, polypropylene multifilament yarn, polypropylene monofilament yarn, UV sensible polypropylene yarn that changes the colours, aromatized polypropylene yarn, PVC plastic tube, twisted paper, twisted thread, velvet thread, plastic braid, woven bags, lanyards with snap hooks… We manufacture all of those products and apply endings to them; we custom with treasury tags, metal hooks to the extremities, decorative metal endings, T-bar, plastic barbs, metal barbs, injected plastic hook, film hook, loop metal clasp, flat injected plastic hook, extra flat injected plastic hook, extra flat injected plastic hook for elastic notebook, pre-tied bows, we cut hot, cut and pressed, diagonal or bias cutting, cold cutting, fused aglet, film aglet, knotted loop, hang tag knot, we design a sliding ring, we apply a single metal hook, single metal hook and printed film aglet, metal hook with a knot, metal hook and hot cutting, we have banded pairs, we have special banding, we put them in plastic bag with tag, in dozen or half-dozen, paper, we place endings for glasses, we propose them already folded, proposed on a blister box, displays, we fold our products on support tube spools or on non-support tube reels. In case you don’t find the right product for your idea, just contact us by mail or give us a ring. We will contact you and we will find together the right solution.