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Braided cord / rope

Our braided cord is a round or flat cord manufactured with braiding machines. The characteristic is that the raw material is braided with different designs. We can manufacture braided cords with different yarns. Standard braided polypropylene cord, standard braided polyester cord, standard braided cotton cord, braided polyamide cord or other natural or synthetic materials. We can manufacture braided ecological cords, recyclable cords, fire retardant cords and water proof cords. This cord may be produced with different colors, depending on the raw material used. There are specific colors and pantone colors for each raw material (polypropylene, polyester and cotton). We can manufacture a fantasy cord with several colors and designs. We combine designs, diameters and endings. The cord design will be depending on demanded braid design depending if we use bigger or smaller, closer or separated squares. We can customize the diameters because we manufacture from 1 mm to 20 mm. We can also customize the ending, and we can manufacture by meters (in spools or reels) or pieces, always bespoke. When we propose the product by pieces, we can propose different endings: hot cut, cut and pressed, with film aglet, fused aglet, molded plastic hooks, with metal hooks, with film hooks, with knots, in a blister, with special bandings, banded braided cords and many other special endings. The flat braided cord may be customized with serigraphy, serigraphy with relief, sublimation, logos, words and images. The resistance and stiffness cord may be customized depending on your needs and applications. Considering your application you may be interested in specifically characteristics or others.